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DCICN 640-911

DCICN 640-911

Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices (CICD)​ 

  Chapter 1 Traditional Voice Versus Unified Voice 
  Chapter 2 The Components of Cisco Unified Communications 
  Chapter 3 Understanding Cisco IP Phones 
  Chapter 4 Getting Familiar with CME Administration 
  Chapter 5 Managing Endpoints and End Users in CME 
  Chapter 6 Understanding the CME Dial Plan 
  Chapter 7 Enabling Telephony Features with CME 
  Chapter 8 Administrator and End-User Interfaces 
  Chapter 9 Managing Endpoints and End Users in CUCM 
  Chapter 10 Understanding CUCM Dial Plan Elements and Interactions 
  Chapter 11 Enabling Telephony and Mobility Features with CUCM 
  Chapter 12 Enabling Mobility Features in CUCM 
  Chapter 13 Voice Messaging Integration with Cisco Unity Connection 
  Chapter 14 Enabling CM IM and Presence Support 
  Chapter 15 Common CME Management and Troubleshooting Issues 
  Chapter 16 CUCM Monitoring, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

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